Julie Wilkinson, Storyteller

Julie Wilkinson is an experienced and engaging storyteller, communicator, and writer based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Performing in schools and communities for almost two decades, her warm and engaging style connects naturally with children and adults alike.

From small groups gathered on picnic rugs to Cathedrals full of hundreds, Julie expertly shrinks the space, holding audiences in the palm of her hand and transporting them to other worlds. With a gift for finding the magic in the mundane, she weaves tales that both transport the listener away from their reality and reflect it back to them through shared, universal humanity.

“The BBC Radio 4 presenter, Justin Webb, commented that we live in an age of ‘narcissism and rage’. The counterpoint, pastoral stories, and sure and accomplished presentation, of Julie Wilkinson’s modern-day parables speak balm and elevation to our collected, wounded preoccupations. Julie’s finely crafted narratives reconnect us to the better part of ourselves, and in so doing, give us hope that our apparent confinement in a ‘land of permanent shadows’ is really a region of distortion, a counterfeit terrain, not our true ‘homeland’. Julie offers that we may be delivered by our restrictions, and be saved by ‘The Story’, and its servant tales, with open palm sensitivity. Listen to her, and be moved … on, and up into a ‘better away’.”

STEWART HENDERSON – Poet, Lyricist & Broadcaster

“Characteristic flair, humour and storytelling genius!”

REV CLARE MACLAREN – Canon for Music and Liturgy, Newcastle Cathedral

“Julie has the rare ability not just to bring the stories to life, but also to shine a light on the commonplace and easily overlooked.”

REV COLIN BLAKE – Anglican Vicar