Hold on…

I see you.
The stones in your shoes
and the boulders at your back,
which you carry in dignity
and silence.

I see
the Herculean strength
to rise each day
and just exist
while despair gnaws at your heels.

I see
the clenching, wrenching
that beats at your heart,

I see you,
in torrential storm-tossed seas
that churn and crash
and bruise and batter.

I am here.

I will walk
in your wake
and gather the stones
and the bones as they fall
silently to the floor.

I will stand
shoulder to shoulder
and be alongside you
with balm in my pocket
for the wounds at your feet.

I will sit
with you in the dark
and when you are ready
I will light
the smallest flame.

I will dive
into the water
and ride the storm beside you
with a life ring in my hand
that I bring to give to you.

I will love you
when you cannot love yourself.

You are not alone.
You are worthy.
You are loved.

Hold on.

(Julie Wilkinson, Storyteller, written on World Mental Health Day 2019)

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