Sometimes, poems are inspired by a single word, and when you mine that word, you find a multi-faceted glistening diamond of a heart that holds light in its depths and throws it back out in a thousand directions. This poem was inspired by such a word and, in particular, by the contrast between its deep … Continue reading Inclusion

Kintsugi Tale

A story inspired by sea glass and pottery shards, the holiness of the ordinary, the beauty that gilds the brokenness, and those who mend the shattered pieces back together; and by kintsugi - the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with seams of gold, embracing the beauty of the flaws and imperfections. Shared in tribute … Continue reading Kintsugi Tale

Wednesday Words

My daughter learned About the suffragettes On BBC Bitesize. Emmeline Pankhurst Born 1858, Five years later Than these steps Were built. Stone is hard, Set. But, Over years, Many pounding feet Will wear it smooth. That is why we march. © 2020 Julie Wilkinson

International Women’s Day 2020

My great great great grandmotherShares her nameWith a literary heroine;Eliza Bennet.In 1841,Unable to claim itIn pen and ink,She marked her marriage certificateWith an 'X'. Her daughter,Selina,My great great grandmother,Before she was twentyTravelled two hundred miles,Alone,To workBeneath Burnley’s churning chimneysAnd choking cotton clouds. Her daughter,Ida,My great grandmother,Built family,Gave care,Protected love,In the angry entrenched shadowOf a big … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2020