Read or listen to some of Julie’s original stories below:

Kintsugi Tale
An original story, inspired by sea glass and pottery shards, the holiness of the ordinary, the beauty of the broken, and the Japanese art of kintsugi…

The Cracked Bottom
Every storyteller has signature stories – this is Julie’s retelling of a traditional folk tale about a water carrier and the pots she uses to carry her water…

The Fear
A short piece on the all-consuming nature of fear

I will remember them…
In honour of a Grandad, his experience of war, and his struggle with Remembrance Day

A story of finding one another and forging connection

And here are some of her reimaginings of Christian faith stories:

The Master Needs It
A Palm Sunday retelling

A Climate Justice Christmas
The Nativity story, reimagined for the Amos Trust Carol Service in Normanton, Wakefield in 2019

Seven Stories for Holy Week
A series of retellings of the events of Holy Week, written in 2011. Scroll down to the bottom to begin with the first post.

Advent Reflections
A series of posts reflecting on figures from Jesus’ genealogy, first written in 2010.